Jayson Promotions

Providing everything it takes to put your event into the spotlight!

Providing everything it takes to put your event into the spotlight!

Jayson Promotions

We are a multi-faceted company that was formed in 1983 to produce concerts, fairs and special events throughout the United States.

We offer Talent Consultants, Producers and Production.

About Us

Who We Are


Jayson Promotions was formed in 1983 to produce concerts, fairs, and festivals throughout the United States. The founder and President is Jimmy Jay, who entered the music business in Nashville in 1969 working with country music legend Conway Twitty. He handled the personal appearances for Conway and Loretta Lynn through the United Talent Agency from 1971-1982. 

Jay won the 1999 Academy of Country Music Talent Buyer of the Year award. Jay also won an ACM award in 2011. The other founding member is Executive Vice President, Jerry Davis. Jerry handled promotions and touring with Conway Twitty and George Jones for many years.

What We Do


As a producer, Jayson Promotions works with your event from the beginning to the end.

1. We get availabilities from all of the agencies that represent artists in the genre that your event desires. 

2. Once we make a list of available artists that coincide with your market, date, and budget, we will work with you deciding who would be the most successful show for you, and submit the offer for the artist(s) with your approval. 

3. When the artist is secured, Jayson Promotions will go through the contracts, help with publicity and promotions, and make sure all rider requirements of the artist fit with the event's policy. 

4. Jayson Promotions will coordinate all production needs including sound, lighting, staging, catering, etc. 

5. A Jayson Promotions representative will be on site at your event to ensure things run smoothly. 


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